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This is the place to find haunts. If you wish to be added to the list of links please contact us through the Contact us page.

Satan Sandwich -  If your over 17 be sure to check out this page.  I am Adia and my sidekicks are Teddy Bundy and Lawless Lucy. Enjoy the madness that may or may not have a method. It varies. Enjoy!

The Horror Movies Blog - The Horror Movies Blog provides the latest horror movies news, updates, reviews and much more! We have experience in all aspects of horror movies, horror books, unexplained mystery, demonology, vampires, werewolf, and promotional services.

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Shadow of Palms YouTube Channel - All my haunt related videos and vlogs.

Shadow of Palms Yard Haunt - The Shadow of Palms website and video chat.

Manning Technologies - A great place to have your haunts slideshows or videos produced.

Manning Technologies YouTube Channel - Check out their demo video.

Mysterious Past Etsy Shop- The shop for Phineas J Legheart Vampire Killing, Hunting, Slayer kits. Perfect for every Buffy, True Blood, Being Human, Dracula, Angel, Twilight and Van Helsing fans.

Phineas J Legheart Vampire killing kits Channel - See videos for vampire killing, hunting, hunter, slayer kits for sale by Phineas J Legheart.

Northrad's Hauntings- An amazing haunt with a lot to see. One of my all time favorate haunts. Here is the description from the site:

A free small Front Yard Haunt with no actors. New Theme and gets a little bigger every year. Put together by a one man army. In 2008, I prepped for just a couple weeks and it was so fun that year I prepped all year the following year. Very 'atmospheric' with Music, Lightning, Props, Projection and Automation on a small scale. DIY style over store bought :) Always Creepy and Spooky rather than Gory. Aims to be the best decorated house in the Town -aiming to be best in Baldwin County.Yard Haunt is completed and runs Halloween Day only because the Haunt is not weatherproofed.Come by on Halloween if your nearby and say "Hi"

Northrad's Tavern- Northrad's YouTube Channel (be sure to subscribe).

Steve's Haunted Yard- A truly great yard haunt in Texas that gets even better every year.

Steve's Haunted Yard YouTube Channel- A great place to see Steve's haunt and vlog (be sure to subscribe).

All Things Halloween- A really cool haunt and vlog from Hyperflexharrington5. Make sure you subscribe to this excellent channel. Here is a description from his YouTube channel:

This channel is a devotion to the research and wonderment of, ALL THINGS HALLOWEEN. I will be working on an animatronic clown for Halloween inspired by the 1920 film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Along the way I will be posting various videos of vivid virtue. Come join me on a magnificent journey into the magical realm of, ALL THINGS HALLOWEEN.

Noble Manor Blog- A great haunt and a great vlog. This is Dionicia12's YouTube channel. Remember to subscribe.

Noble Manor- Noble Manor's website. Gives you a chance to check out her past haunts, links, and more.

Columbia Manor- Columbia Manor's YouTube channel. He has a great haunt in Castro Valley, Ca. His channel hosts his haunt and vlog. Check it out and remember to subscribe.

Pandemic Cemetery- A wonderful haunt with amazing props. This is a link to their YouTube channel were you will find great videos of their haunt and of all that goes into the making of this amazing haunt. Be sure to check out his great show "Dead with Dave" on his channel. You want to make sure you subscribe to this channel.

Pandemic Haunt Production- A great site with photos of Pandemic Cemetery's haunts and also their earlier haunt, The Metuchen Slaughter House. The site also houses there haunt store that will be completed in 2012.

The Haunted Tents- A really nice haunt inside a series of tents, as the name implies. This is a link the their YouTube channel containing great videos of their haunt and a vlog that gives you insight as to how they create such a fun and unique haunt. Remember to subscribe.

Emberpup's Haunted Homestead- emberpup's YouTube channel. Check out her great haunt and cool props and while you're there remember to subscribe. Make sure you check out this channel.

The Halloween Room-The Halloween Room YouTube channel. The Halloween Room is a a production company that designs and builds haunted attractions for profit and for fundraisers nation wide. We pledge to give you the best most detailed haunt for your money. We also create one of a kind costumes for the haunted attraction industry and halloween enthousiests across the world. check out our website and make sure Rate, Comment, and Subscribe

The Halloween Room- The Halloween Room website.